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When it comes to progress and success, I often times find my coaching clients in one of two spots: they are either stuck in the endless thinking loop or they are moving forward without taking any time to think about what actions they should be taking for their life/business to thrive. They often times are not aware of what a more "balanced" approach looks like. Of course, there's a whole other conversation to be had when it comes to what balance looks like on a practical level, but for now I want to focus on the supposed tension between thinking and doing.

First off, I want to clarify that I don't have all the answers; shocker I know. Everything that I'll be sharing with you will come from the resources and experiences that I have had the privilege of engaging with over 13 years of coaching and training individuals ranging from college students to business owners. I fully acknowledge that there are many people out there with much greater levels of expertise and many more years of experience that have either come to different conclusions or would strongly disagree with my perspective. My main goal in sharing these things with you is not to say my view is the best, but to offer you insight that I hope and pray will bring some value to your journey as you seek to operate from a growth perspective.

Secondly, the things I am sharing with you are not quick fix solutions. While there is a time and a place for such solutions, my focus is to help you with long term and sustainable growth. The truth is that personal/professional growth is a lifelong process. The "solutions"that work are those that are built for longevity. Again, sometimes we need a quick fix to keep moving, but often times, we're just impatient.

My goal here will be to share with you, over the next couple of weeks, my thoughts on the relationship between thinking and doing when it comes to personal, professional and business growth. I look forward the conversation!

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