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frequently asked questions

Q: What is Coaching?


A: The Official Definition for Coaching as conducted by the Brightview Growth Coaching company is as follows: an intentional, customized and focused process undertaken by at least two individuals, the client and coach, for the purpose of achieving any number and type of accomplishments as they are laid out and defined by the client for the coach. The role of the coach is not to tell the client how to accomplish said goals and pursuits, but to, through transformative questions, consistent accountability and strategic support, empower the client to achieve their success in the best way possible.


Q: What is Your speciality?


A: My primary area of focus is how to help you strategically grow in the areas of Time Management, Goal Setting and Habit Formation. Whether you are trying to grow in a relationship or business, how you manage and optimize these areas is not only important, but absolutely necessary for success. 


Q: Why should I listen to you?


A: With over 10 years of experience coaching everyone from business owners to college students, I have developed the unique skill set necessary to help anyone accomplish the things they are wanting to and develop powerful habits for their success. In addition to this, I am officially certified through the AACC as an Advanced Life Coach with an emphasis in Executive and Leadership Coaching. 


Q: How much will it cost?


A: I truly believe that the ability to pursue personal and professional development should not only be undertaken by all, but should also be available to all. That being said, I also believe that we often times don’t change unless we are sufficiently bought into that process of change. This requires, often times, a necessary financial commitment . As you move forward in your coaching journey with Brightview, we will have the opportunity to discuss what that financial commitment looks like for you.     


Q: How will you help me?


A: I will help you Master Your Productivity. I will utilize all appropriate, tools, methodologies and techniques to help you get the best results possible in the shortest amount of time. Initially and ultimately I am about YOUR success and am committed to doing what it takes to help you get there! As an unbiased party, I can come alongside you and provide the best quality help that will supercharge your growth in whichever area we are focusing on.


Q: Why do I need to hire a coach? Can’t I just accomplish my goals on my own?


A: In short, yes you can! But the real question is WILL YOU! 

We all know we need to change but unfortunately, we consistently choose not to. In my experience of over 10 years of coaching, the thing I have found consistent amongst people who did not achieve the goals they wanted to accomplish, was the aspect of intentional, unbiased and powerful accountability. As a coach that is primarily about getting you results, I will fully commit to being 100% in your corner; no biases, no agenda but to help YOU succeed!

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